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Xintec is the first company commercialize three dimensional chip scale packaging technology (XinPac) for optical sensor product application since 2002. XinPac package offers protective cover glass to eliminate particle defect during module assembly, plus with true chip size package and competitive cost compared with conventional package solution.

Today, XinPac can be found in latest consumer cell-phones and notebook cameras which encapsulated at wafer level. Xintec continuously develop leading edge technology, include through silicon via chip scale package technology (XinTSV). Xintec leading edge optical sensor CSP successfully extended to high resolution sensor (up to 14M), automotive product application and future market needs.

Technology XinPac/CSP XinTSV
Wafer Type FSI, BSI FSI, BSI
Contact Type Line contact Area contact
Pad Design E-Pad COB Pad
Minimum Pad Pitch 160 um 120 um
RDL Width / Space 60 / 60 um 30 / 30 um
Ball Pitch 400 um 400 um
Lead Free BGA Formation Printing, Ball Placement Priniting, Ball Placement
Green Glass Thickness 300,400,500 um 300,400,500 um
Glass Coating Option IR, AR IR, AR

Future Technology

  • Integrated image sensor and DSP device through 3D stacking technology
  • Heterogeneous integration of sensor and emitter through SiP technology

Product Applications

  • Image Sensor for Cellular Phone, Notebook, Automotive, Security, DSC...etc.
  • Ambient light / Proximity / Gesture Sensor
  • Laser Intensity Sensor for Blue-Ray and Pico Projector